About Us


Seven years ago, a group of young professionals residing in KL got together every week to fulfill their love for netball. Without fail, the motley crew of friends and colleagues would spend the most of Tuesday and Thursday nights at the outdoor netball court in Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur. As more and more players joined in this sporting initiative as the weekdays unfolded, the group itself expanded. Playing sessions evolved from Tuesday and Thursday nights to later include Saturday nights. By this time, what was initially a casual sporting get-together between some ten or so players progressed into a membership of about twenty, prompting the initiative to divide teams into Beginner level players and Intermediate level players to create a fair playing field for everyone. When players began to remarkably improve their skills, the Beginner level was made without all together. 

From its modest beginnings, one thing was certain about this group: these city folks don't just love the sport, they have something stronger for it – PASSION. Recognizing the level of commitment and seriousness with which the group operates by, the inevitable eventually happened: they officially registered a club. And thus, on the group's inaugural excursion in September 2011, Legend Netball Club Bukit Jalil was born.

Now, gathering a myriad of KLites with an equally colourful background, Legend Netball Club is more than just a name to represent a collective passion for netball in the heart of KL. What started as a work-out between strangers and colleagues is now a weekly ritual among friends. And seven years down the road, the club has moved on to include such activities as club excursions, friendly matches, the annual Hari Raya Open House as well as an Annual Open House into their portfolio. Furthermore, the club acts as a platform from which the love for other sports is then developed as members test their skills in umpiring, athletic events and marathon under the club's banner. The club is now even blessed with an official web site.

Regardless of its many ambitions, the heart of the club – as the name suggests – resides in netball. Now, playing sessions are organized between two to three times a week with a steady flow of some 24 or so members per session. For the very least, the club offers restless urbanites an alternative form of entertainment to fill in their evening with. But at its best, Legend is a club that prides itself in the strength of its members, the value of their friendships and the fun they continue to inject into the beloved sport of netball.

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