9 Oct 2013

1st Runner-Up for Seven Consecutive Years in MBPJ Open 2013

The Legend Netball Club (LNC) have endured 7 years of losing in the finale of MBPJ Open 2013, but we have showed another remarkable performance and amazing games last Sunday on 30th Sept. Royale and Cobra Alpha are 2 main rivals that always be a great team to battle with and again, Legend Blacks VS Royale in this year finale.

Azizul (GK) and Azhari (GD) were the hero as they save the goal against Royale best (GA) and (GS). Royale was leading 9-3 for first 7 minutes on 1st half and Blacks managed to catch the points at 10-08 when the first half whistle has blown. On the 2nd half, Blacks had done a good job when the point tied at 16-16 at the final whistle. The interceptions was superbly done by our great defenders. Its a hard luck to Blacks when losing at the final 3 center pass and congratulation to our (C) Zaidi for the best player award.

The duo shooting of Blacks' Apple (GS) and Wari (GA), the clutch shooting from distance was just phenomenal. It's a testament to their development and the way they gone throughout the year and the brilliant season they had thus far.

LNC's captain, Mohd Sabri said he was incredibly proud of his team, paying particular praise to fierce defenders Azizul and Azhari.

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