16 Aug 2013

Youth Legend First CSR Programme for Homeless

Most people are fortunate enough never to have to experience homelessness. But for those who do, it can be a very traumatic experience that is hard to escape from, damaging physical and emotional well-being along the way.

Homeless people suffer high levels of stress from their lack of control over their housing situation, combined with high levels of poverty and often poor living conditions. They often also feel very isolated, especially when a distance from the local community and friends.

To make matters worse, many homeless people carry with them the distressing experiences they have suffered which led to their homelessness. In the first place, such as domestic violence, relationship breakdown, fleeing persecution from another country, drug and alcohol misuse, and mental health problems.

In conjunction of " #RM2untukmereka" was the 1st ever CSR programme for Youth Legend under Legend Netball Club. Friday, 26th July was a wonderful bright and sunny day. It was a day that Youth Legend is taking centre stage in many people’s lives right now. Legend Netball Club as a Sports Club always try to reach and engage people from across the entire social and demographic spectrum. A growing number of organisations have implemented CSR initiatives that made us to do so for social development.

With the help of more than 40 volunteers, we have distributed some foods and clothes to all homeless around KL. We have divided into 3 teams and led by Faidz, Sabri and Edy whereas each team consist of 12 -15 volunteers and located at 3 mains targeted territories, Masjid Negara, Petaling Street and Menara Maybank respectively.

2 weeks before the programme, Legend NC had advertised the campaign to collect min RM2/pax. We have received a numerous supports from all friends and colleagues. The total amount collected was RM1538. The event started at 5pm with packaging and we start to distribute at 11pm and finish at 1.30am. It was a TREMENDOUS experience. 

To all volunteers, you have TRULY BIG HEART. We love you

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