26 Mar 2013

Netball Malaysia Rebranding Website

Netball Malaysia (NM) has launched their redesigned website www.netballmalaysia.com, as it introduces new features and it is a completely new look, design & youthful. Legend NC hope that this new website will much easier to navigate and get the information that we want to know about latest activities of Malaysian Netball Association generally.

Legend NC believes that the new website has designed to be more intuitive and personal; the new experience is all about interests and preferences in netball sports. Since streams of information have become the paradigm of content on the web, should NM’s administrator introducing a newsfeed with infinite scroll, letting visitor experience a virtually endless feed of news articles.

Public Updates with Social Media

Most of the Bloggers have the ability to update their readers from the homepage with new site features and related news. However other websites are not often able to do so, or even with a company blog just don’t always have the time. We are very impressed that Netball Malaysia has created a link to social media profiles such as Facebook (Netball Malaysia Official)  and Twitter (@NetballMalaysia) to keep people updated on your recent events.

Twitter is by far the most popular network for quick website updates. You can let people know when is your upcoming tournament, or if you plan on friendly matches or whatsoever news. Also having those profiles will only help with building Malaysian Team’s brand to generate a wider audience.

But probably the most interesting piece behind social media is open communication. These networks allow you to communicate with your readers via totally free web applications. It’s all well and good to setup a small contact form on your website – and surely you’ll get plenty of e-mail if the content is well received. But when your visitors have a quick question or want to give a shout out its much easier tagging or mentioning your brand via Twitter or Facebook.

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