13 Mar 2013

Legend NC Is Looking Ahead To Win In Next Tournament After A Loss To Royale In Final UniMAP's Open 2013

The score was 16-15 to Royale, but despite a loss, our beloved Captain, Mohd Sabri felt that the effort all round from the team was one to be proud of and wants them to get fired up for the next game.

Legend Blacks began the match at a disadvantage, when only four of their usual squad members were available whereas another 3 players are juniors. A villain Royale took advantage of this and kept their lead in a match by leading 6-2 on 1st half, but the captain felt that the effort made by Legend Blacks was excellent in the circumstances. 

Sabri said: “Considering we had a lack of players, we did phenomenal. We didn’t make many mistakes throughout the game but their GA was excellent in the final match.” Royale’s GA indeed did not miss any shots in the final, giving them a 4 goal advantage over Blacks in 1st half. 

Despite this, Blacks’s defence carried their form from their previous game against Royale last 2 weeks and pulled off a string of timely interceptions and close the gap and at one time we are tied 8-8.

Blacks’ C, Zaidy in particular kept Legend NC’s hopes up and he was awarded player of the match. He did a good job tremendously. 

Sabri added and said: “Although we lost, I think it was a great game for 3 junior players, to be exposed and gain some experiences.” 

Unfortunately, Legend Reds have not making through to the quarter round and Legend Sakura loss to MBPJ's at quarter final. Keep continue the training to polish all the weaknesses and don’t give up. 

LEGEND!!!!!!! Fight! Fight! Fight!

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