26 Feb 2013

Astonishing Legend Netball Club (LNC) won the TNB Open 2013

Another history made once again as Legend Blacks defeat Royale 15-14 in a fiercely competitive titan clash.

Legend NC had over hundreds of screaming fans rocking TNB Kilat’s Stadium last Sunday with an incredible ONE goal win over the Royale. In a game in which both sides had the opportunity to pull away from their opponents, Legend Blacks held their nerve and showed phenomenal spirit, character and belief to see out the game and in doing so, clinched a first ever tournament in 2013 win over their old rivals.

The match was brilliantly set after winning at 2nd place in grouping round set on Saturday. However, Legend Blacks continues the journey to win all the matches all the way to final. Again, the amazing duo Mohd Sabri Mustafa (GA) and Zul Affandi Azizan (GS) were perfectly sharp shooters as their confidence will never get distracted by the villain Royale defenders. The crowd started to feel that this once again would be LNC’s day. Legend NC most valued players, Zul Affandi @ Apple was named Best Player of the match. Congrats!!

Norizwan Mohammed Khalid (GD), Muhammad Azhari (GK) and Zulhilmi Hashim (WD) were providing excellent support to defence side. Their incredible work-rates and pressure in the opposition forcing mistakes to Royale and keeping Legend Blacks composed.

A long range effort of attackers Zaidy Yahaya (C) and Mohd Faidzal Othman (WA) will never be forget. Their combinations on feeding the ball to the right shooters were perfect. All of them were excellent and calm build-up play ticked the score and with only seconds remaining the team were still clear. The crowd and the rest of the squad flooded onto the court to celebrate at the final whistle.

Unfortunately, the remaining two teams of LNC, Legend Reds and Legend Sakura only managed to second round and quarter final respectively. Both teams had showed amazing spirits to battle it out. It was just luck not on their side this time. Keep it up guys!!

In conclusion, all Legend NC players have displayed of determination, passion and intensity. There was some superb defending, delicious feeds and wonderful shooting. However, most of all, it was the character of the team which saw them over the line. Legend NC certainly deserved victors and can now look onwards and surely upwards. Perhaps another famous old saying is true, CHARACTER is what champions are made of. We continue to dream. "Legend - Fight, Fight, Fight!!"

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