21 Nov 2012


In recent years, world of sport had seen Netball as one of the fastest growing sport. In general, its known as WOMEN’s game. However, nowadays Netball has been opened up widely as in global for MEN to be participated and it has been recognized by many countries. In fact, there are few competitions were held locally and yet internationally.

The World Men's and Mixed Netball Championship 2013 has been announced to be held in The Lost City, Sun City South Africa and it has proven the establishment of men's netball involvement. The tournament has three categories which are Men's, Mixed and 23 Under Men. This international tournament is absolutely will encourage all of them to work hard and firing up the spirits to be the 1st Champ and to bring home the trophy. Who doesn’t want it?? Hence, it will be the fiercest battle of tournament for men especially.

Last but not least, Legend Netball Club would like to voice out to the Malaysian Netball Association and Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia “Netball has live in our live and it will continue endless. Our hopes soar as high as the sky for Malaysia to send Men’s team to participate in this huge tournament. It such a dream comes true for us!!”

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wisata outboundmalang said...

kunjungan gan,bagi - bagi motivasi
semoga bisa jadi semangat
Hal mudah akan terasa sulit jika yg pertama dipikirkan adalah kata SULIT.Yakinlah bahwa kita memiliki kemampuan dan kekuatan.
ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaa :)

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