6 Oct 2012

Legend Netball Club Take Part In Corporate Service Responsibility For Faisal Cup

In conjunction with Faisal Cup Netball Tournament, Legend Netball Club is once again honoured by the trust by UNCR Association and Dignity For Children Foundation’s to train more than 100 kids aged between 7 to 16 years old as for their preparation towards the upcoming tournament early of September. Significantly, these 2 consecutive years have seen remarkable gains for Legend Netball Club that has enabled us; in particular, a sophisticated and detailed approach in coaching/training to develop skills.

 The training session contains a training plan for junior and senior players. The schedules for 7 consecutive weeks have been prepared specifically and it was held every Saturday with 2 sessions (morning and afternoon). Each and every one of individual will be required to do all basic training programmes such as fitness protocol, ball drilling, technical skills and etc. As comparison to last year, all of them have shown an improvement especially on their ball handling, foot works and understanding their area of courts and position roles. It means a lot to us as a coach to have an opportunity to see them growing and improved. 
Nevertheless, there are still a room for them to improve and become great player in one fine day. Importantly, they are so determined and committed to the training even though sometime one session was lasting for 3 hours non-stop. Apparently, the utmost achievements were their happiness and enjoyments to gather and play as a team that will be remembered. And yet, they are hardly to wait for the tournament and have had promised to do their best.

Last but not least, on behalf of Legend Netball Club, I would like to wish best of luck to all players and not to forget million thanks to those people/organizer who believe in us to develop the skills for all these wonderful kids, your cooperation is highly appreciated. 

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