16 Oct 2012

Legend NC Won USM Penang International Netball Tournament 2012

With a magic hardels, "Legend - Fight, Fight, Fight!!", Legend Netball Club continued our fairy tale ride to notch our 5th successive win this year in front of more than 2000 crowd at Netball Arena, USM, yesterday. With a large contingent of Legend Netball Club supporters, the win was warmly celebrated among all of us. Throughout this year, Legend Netball Club had won several titles of Championship includes Unimap Open, KSN Open, Southern Region Harian Metro Open and First PKS-UM League.

A fast-finishing of brilliant amazing movement of players helps Legend Netball Club to win the Penang International Netball Open 2012 following a hard-fought 15-4 win over the Royale.

It was a frenetic and intense start to the match, highlighted by blockbusting defense from both team. There were few openings with every pass fiercely contested, both teams finding a clear path to goal a difficult assignment.

However, Legend Netball Cclub defenders Mohd. Azizul Arsat (GK) and McArthur Fryz (GD) ensured the tide turned with a forceful last second half. The new "pair" was instrumental in putting the shutters up on the Royale shooters, snappy up intercept and rebound ball to help Legend Netball Club attacks back.

Mohd Sabri Mustapa@Awang (GA) and Zul Affandi Azizan (GS) found their groove under the hoops as the shooting duo finally got the upper hand over the valiant Royale defenders, their confidence rising as the shots were perfectly sharp.

Besides the main trophy, Fairplay trophy also has been awarded to us for Legend Netball Club to bring home. Furthermore the one and only not a Malaysian member in Legend Netball Club, McArthur Fryz (GD) from Australia was named the Best Match Player after his outstanding 1st performance with Legend Netball Club.

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