21 Nov 2011

Legend Info: Fast Net World Netball Series 2011

The top six netball nations will play by new netball rules developed by the International Federation Netball Association (IFNA) for the World Netball Series.

In the space of three hours, spectators will witness some of the world’s greatest netball, promising a fast, ferocious and vibrant competition raising the profile of the sport and attracting new participants and fans.

A number of innovative rule changes have been introduced for this high profile Series, designed to test the fitness, technical ability and tactical awareness of the best players in the world. Each game will be played over four, six-minute quarters, promising an awesome, high-energy spectacle.

The new rules are set to arouse interest, and once the game is witnessed, it is hoped spectators will be hooked and desperate to play the game themselves. Since last year’s event the new rules have been adopted by teams at all levels worldwide.

The participating countries include Australia, New Zealand, England, Jamaica, Malawi and South Africa.

Matches will be 4 x 6 minutes with 3 x 2 minutes breaks

Rolling Substitutions: Unlimited number of Rolling Substitutions per team per quarter is allowed. Each team may make any number of Rolling Substitutions at any one time. A Rolling Substitute may enter the game while play is in progress. There will be a designated Substitution Box at each transverse line, and located next to the Coaching Area, where Rolling Substitute/s shall wait holding up a Substitution Paddle indicating the player/s to be substituted. Team changes may not be made during a Rolling Substitution, as the game is not stopped

The Official Team Bench is located on the same side of the Court as the Team Benches and Substitution Boxes

After a goal is scored, the game restarts from a Centre Pass taken by the team who conceded the last goal. The Captain winning the toss chooses end or 1st centre pass at the start of the 1st and 3rd quarter. The other team will have 1st Centre Pass at the start of the 2nd and 4th quarter
There is no Umpire whistle after a goal is scored

Coaches will be allowed to coach from the Team bench or coaching area, located in front of their team bench.  The Coaching Area will be marked on the floor

Each team will elect one quarter as a Power Play when any goals scored will be doubled. The elected Power Play quarter must be notified by the Coach before the quarter commences, by pressing the control button to turn on a light

Shooters may shoot from inside or outside of the Goal Circle. All successful goals from outside the Goal Circle will be worth double i.e. two Goal Points. The umpire will signal a successful Goal by raising one hand for one Goal Point and two hands for two Goal Points  (In a Power Play this could result in 1 Goal scoring 2 Goal Points or 4 Goal Points)

All stoppages for injury or illness will be 30 seconds.

Kredit: http://www.worldnetballseries.com/

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